We Empower Our Women To Build Incredible Confidence From The Inside Out, Lose Unwanted Body Fat & Keep It That Way Forever!

Our women achieve the results they do without sacrificing their entire life and losing themselves in the process.
We show them;
  1. The little known secret to dropping 14lbs+ of body fat in 42 days that other programmes didn't want them to know.
  2. The hidden commitments needed to drop a dress size in one month that the fitness industry isn't telling them.
  3. The only 6 fundamentals they will ever need to feel in full control of their health & fitness, once and for all.
  4. The number 1 reason why they haven't felt happy with their results in the past, that everyone else is too scared to tell them.
  5. The clearest path to never have to sign up to a coaching programme ever again, this is the last time they will ever invest their time and money ever again.

We Understand...

How tiring it can be trying to fit health & fitness goals into your already busy life. 
How frustrating it is when you try on that outfit that doesn't sit right.
How soul destroying it is when you look in the mirror and dislike what you see.
How lost you can feel when you no longer feel like the biggest priority in your life.
How scary it is to join another programme after trying so many in the past that didn't work out the way you had hoped.


We understand.
We know.
We get it.

We provide our women with a unique and tailored approach, including;

Kick Off Call

to create a tailored programme for their individual needs and dream goals


we create training programmes to suit and fit in with your busy lifestyle


a flexible and safe approach to nutrition that provides the most energy and gets results quickly


throughout the entire journey with our team of coaches and RWR community always on hand


we are the safest space on the planet for women striving for improved health, fitness and wellbeing goals


to the individuals journey through check-ins, individualised feedback, designated 1-2-1 coaching calls with our coaches & weekly live educational sessions


to show each and every woman what they are truly capable of no matter their circumstances


through the ups and downs – we recognise that no journey is linear and we are committed to helping women through those inevitable tough phases of life


a focus on building confidence from the inside out rather than outside in, with the help of our Head Mindset Coach and Chartered Psychologist who offers private 1-2-1 confidence calls and monthly community mindset sessions

We've helped over 1000 women achieve their dream mind and body transformation..

Women who didn't know where to start, were lacking in time, were confused by conflicting information, had 'tried everything' out there, lacked support around them and felt low in confidence.

"The best decision I made joining RWR, not only have I made amazing progress physically, I've changed my whole mindset and built confidence to a level I've never seen before. I've also made some fab friends within the community!"

Kirsten McQueen

"Whatever the RWR Team are doing keep doing it because it honestly is the best thing that I have ever signed up to. I have never loved training and healthy, flexible eating so much!!! Love it and love the whole team! So THANK YOU!!!"

Verity Macdonald

"Thank you for creating a community where I forever feel comfortable and supported. You all work tirelessly to put us as your clients first. That's why the whole community is progressing week in, week out!"

Tracy Halliday

"Best life choice I have ever made. Ryan, Rebecca and Jenn genuinely care about you and your goals! The whole process is so simple and requires very little sacrifice to get results."

Claire McKillop


1) Supportiveness

2) Safety

3) Commitment

4) Compassion

5) Encouragement

Hear what Real World Results client Kirsten had to say...


What Can You Expect To Achieve?

  • Huge drops in body weight. Numerous clients at RWR have lost over 4 stone (56lbs+)!
  • Drastic body fat reductions that ensures your clothes fit much more comfortably.
  • Improved confidence internally and externally so you can be your true self in all areas of life!
  • A new wardrobe of clothes anywhere from 2-5 dress sizes down that you aren't hesitant to wear!
  • Healthier habits and routines that set you up for a stress free and healthy life!
  • Lifestyle improvements that have a positive knock on effect to those closest to you, such as your partner and/or kids.
  • Higher energy in every day life, at work and with the kids.
  • Improved mindset and mental resilience to live life on your terms according to your own goals and aspirations!
  • More time to yourself and with loved ones.
  • Undeniable happiness that other people can't help but notice in you.

Want to find out more?

Book your FREE no obligation 30 minutes best life consultation (usually valued at £197)
During your consultation you'll discover...
  • what's holding you back from your dream results
  • tips and strategies to overcome your biggest struggles
  • what goals are most important to you and why
  • the number 1 thing needed to give you the best chance of success
  • what the new version of yourself looks and feels like
Plus we will give you the 2 biggest things you need right now that have helped people just like you go from unhappy to truly happy, incredibly confident and living their best life.


Say hello to the team!

Ryan Atkin


Ryan brings over 5 years of personal training and online coaching experience working specifically with females. With over 2000 client transformations he has a huge passion to empower women and show them their true potential!

Dr. Jenn Cooper

Head of Mindset

Jenn is a counselling psychologist, mother, therapist, writer and coach! Our queen of female empowerment and every clients biggest cheerleader. Jenn focussed on building our clients confidence from the inside out.


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